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Thread: DVD Recorder reads disc as blank

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    I've burnt a movie to DVD using Roxio Popcorn.. its plays fine on all the DVD players I have, but not on a Philips DVD recorder. When the disc is inserted into the Philips DVD recorder.. it reads it as a blank disc.

    Is anybody able to help on this... I'm beginning to think it could be down to the discs I'm using.. DVD - R 'Imation'. The Philips DVD recorder is dual format -+R

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    MAC G4 Powerbook
    G4 Imac
    Roxio Popcorn

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    I've had (sadly) two Philips DVD recorders and will never, ever, ever touch another. Online forums and discussion groups are littered with dis-satisfied Philips customers, so I would be more inclined to think that it's a recorder problem than the disc. Especially since other machines recognise the disc correctly.

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    Thanks for that, I was almost hoping it may have been that, me thinks its about time for new recorder anyway, it served me well, but its now a little out of date... I'll look thru the forums for a recommended replacement..

    Thanks again

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    How well dvd players recognize and play different consumer created dvds depends on the $$$ the manufacturer was willing to invest in the software and firmware of the unit and some old and respected Name Brands have been bought by companies that produces less capable devices.

    The problem is not as bad as it was say five to seven years ago when many of the less capable players wouldn't play hardly ANY disc types except commercial movie dvd-roms. I would encounter Toshiba and Philips and others that just wouldn't support my dvd-r home grown material and new most all of them will.

    Most often it ain't what you created it's just a cheap dvd player software/firmware not provisioned to support the type of dvd you have created.

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    Thanks for that imjay, it seems a little short sighted on those manufacturers who go along that route, surely, a reputation for producing products that do what they claim i.e play DVD's, must be better than gaining a negative reputation. From reading post in other forums it seems there are few manufactures that fall short. Is it really that much more expensive, and do the savings justify gaining a bad reputation.

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