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Thread: 2 Camera live mix

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    Default 2 Camera live mix

    Ideally I want to film sport using 2 jvc gy500's with firewire outputs. I have both 6.5 and Prem 2. Is there a way to simultaneously monitor both inputs in Premier. I've looked at DV Mixer Pro, but at 299, it's too expensive. Is there any similar but cheaper software available?
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Do you mean capture both at the same time or just monitor the two tracks simultaneously?

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    I definitely need to monitor both cameras, and from there I want to be able to switch between the 2 cameras. At any one time, only the selected camera's input would need to be saved in Premiere, because I will also record tapes in both cameras. To put you in the picture, I am filming ice hockey, and we need to constantly switch from camera 1 to camera 2, literally every few seconds. At present I enable one track and then enable and disable the second track, which takes forever, so any time saving suggestions are welcome.

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    Why not just record the output of both and then decide on your cuts during editing?

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    I've tried recording both cameras and then mixing, but it's time consuming. For example, a game lasts for 1 hour 40 minutes with a cut every 8-10 secs, so there can be around 600 cuts. Does anyone know of any security/cctv software that utilises firewire inputs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezeepzee4 View Post
    I've tried recording both cameras and then mixing, but it's time consuming......?
    ....and that's the nature of video editing I'm afraid. Although not helpful to hear, I have to say that 299 seems a cheap price to do what you want.

    Video is not the sort of business that lends itself to instant results for little input.

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    You can get a switcher and do live edit saving to a single video file, we do this in our church 3 or 4 times a week. The equipment is a whole lot more expensive than the time it takes to edit the two tapes into one video

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    Premier pro has the function built in to switch between up to 4 videos to create an edit in real time. I can't remember exactly what you do , but you end up with 4 windows on screen with each of the video files playing and you hit the 1,2,3 or 4 key on your keyboard to cut that file into your finished edit. Just like you would live.

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    That sounds promising. Can't find any instructions in the manual. Anyone know how to set it up? Thanks for all the replies to date .... it's appreciated

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    I think its only Premier Pro CS3

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