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Thread: Audio editor that slows down audio?

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    Default Audio editor that slows down audio?

    As some of you know there is no way how to get synced audio to slowed-down videoclip using velocity envelope in sony Vegas. My idea is to use Vegas for video part and some 3rd party editor to edit audio. Do you know any audio editor programme that is capable of inserting points where velocity changes?

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    Maybe you could use the facility on PowerDirector to slow all the clip, including its audio, down without changing the pitch. Once you have the file for that part, you can use WMConverter to turn it into a quality mp3, and put it back into the Vegas.

    That's probably an overcomplex way of doing it, but it might be worth a go if there;s nothing better.

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    Sony ACID

    if you dont want to buy it, im pretty sure you can download a 30 day trial at

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