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Thread: How did you get started?

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    Default How did you get started?

    Hi all, I've been lurking here for a while, reading posts, watching demos generally in a state of awe. I've been interested in getting involved in (wedding) videography for quite a while but so far have been unable to start due to the (relatively) prohibitative startup costs. I am an amature videographer but am very keen to take the next step.

    I'd love to hear how you all got started, how you financed your business etc. and basically would appreciate any advice.

    Thanks for reading.

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    The Creative Cow has some great articles by industry leaders
    Creative COW Business Articles

    Check out the multi part article by Walter Biscardi, very good.

    For me it was easy, people found me, I wasn't looking for work.

    Post samples of your work for people to see, post in forums like this, get the word out.
    Mostly you will need examples of what you can do, a video portfolio so to speak.
    Even if these are just slideshows to start with, show some creativity and do some things that are out of the ordinary.

    There are some great examples in the Gallery at
    Check out the 2005, 2006 and 2007 contest videos to start with, especially the winners.
    They will give you some ideas to work with and show you some things that will make a video unique and fresh.

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    Thanks very much for that Chuck, some excellent links and advice there, definitly some food for thought.
    Any other startup stories?

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    When someone mentions filming weddings, I generally used to run a mile and keep going. However, I was talked into doing one for a friend recently and really enjoyed the whole experience (apart from getting a ticking off from the vicar for not being still enough)

    My background is far more bands, entertainers and suchlike but also do family get togethers and parties because people almost expect me to be there with a camera now.

    I have my own style that relies heavily on setting stuff to (sometimes bizarre) music and the Bride and Groom enjoy what I do and the way I do it.

    From doing theirs, personal recommendation has already got me two more. Not sure what the future holds in that sphere, but it's looking pretty good.

    (I charged my friends a grand to do thiers..... I thought quoting that price would put them off.... quite glad it didn't now).

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    I can't even get my first wedding....I have to wait and wait to hear news about someone getting married but even then they might have already hired someone.

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    Haha! One of first things I filmed last year was one of my closest friends wedding. A full medieval event, period buidings, completely authentic food, music the works. All the footage was superb apart form one tiny thing.

    The photographer, who also happend to be a profesional camera man, ie news footage with film camera rather than stills, was busy clicking away around me as I quietly stood and caught the all important marriage vows. And yes you guessed it the pro forgot to turn of his mobile and I got that bloody awfull beeping right literally over the bit where they say I do.

    Never agian. Well until the next time.

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    I'm not sure my specific story helps anyone - it took place over 50 years ago - I bought a 9.5mm Pathe Baby hand wound cine camera which was already old - made in 1928 - all of which is irrelevant today.

    If you have the enthusiasm you'll make it into this business professionally. There are many routes, none guaranteed. Live eat and sleep it, save like hell and buy wisely. Remember if you own the gear you can afford to do a lot of work for free when you're starting out, but once you start charging go for the full price. It's easy to come down, damn difficult to go up.

    Finally realise that weddings are one of the most challenging areas to work in. I did 30 years corporate and broadcast, most in studios. There I controlled the sound, the lighting, and the talent and the whole team were pros - and if everything went to a can of worms we could re-shoot it. Now in a wedding you control ....

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    I am in the process of hopefully getting started. I have done 3 weddings for friends and am now trying to slowly set up. I have 3 more weddings lined up. 2 work collegues and a friend of on of the girls I did a wedding video for last year.

    All the 3 weddings I have lined up have seen what I have done before and asked me to do theres. The only catch being, I am not getting paid for any of these weddings! Only asking for money to cover my costs. I have approached it from the 'thank you vary much for giving me the oppotunity to film your wedding to gain experience' angle and all are very happy with me doing this. Whether I could charge for my services is yet to be seen!!

    Good luck!

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    I'm a wedding photographer who is just getting into videography. I've videoed a few wedding ceremonies, but nothing more than that, as well as taken the still shots at weddings.
    I have quite a few weddings booked for this year, I'm just booked for still shots, and plan to video the ceremony and more than this, the reception etc., this time around.
    It's one way of getting into wedding videography, no-one has any great expectations because they aren't paying for videography, and I'll get a kind of portfolio out of it.
    The 'kind of' means that the portfolio will just be a collection of scenes, not the complete story of the wedding.

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    All the 3 weddings I have lined up have seen what I have done before and asked me to do theres. The only catch being, I am not getting paid for any of these weddings!

    Firstly, ask yourself why they have asked you to do theirs!
    Could it be the very fact that they are getting it for nothing! Sounds like they could not refuse such a generous offer.

    You say they have seen what you have done before, but this seems irrelevant. If you asked them to pay at least minimum wage for your services, would they?

    Filming weddings is extremely hard work, and time consuming. I appreciate you want to gain experience, but you DO deserve to be paid more than just expenses.

    You may not agree, and it's your choice, but there are too many takers out there who will accept offers for nothing. Ask them to pay expenses, plus a little extra to cover your time. See what they come back with...



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