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    I am thinking of buying an external hard drive but
    dont know anything about them. I am wanting to
    plug the external hard drive into the usb on my lap
    top and put my movies while on holiday on it then
    extract them to my pc at home for editing.

    can this be done and do you have to put windows
    on it?

    the hard drive I am looking at -
    500Gb Western Digital My Book Essential 2.0 **NEW FIREFLY** USB2 7200rpm External Hard Drive : wd-mbe250#

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    That will do it fine - you dont need windows on the drive, just the video files.

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    Thanks for your reply. I ordered it from amazon its cheaper

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    Although USB drives are ok, I find my older Iomega with firewire is much better when edting - the transfer speed is much better.

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    I agree - one usb drive I had was ok - another causedthe timeline to be glutchy - all firewire drives I have used have been fine.

    Recently I b marked the same drive in a usb box, and a f wire box - USB was 10mbbyte / sec, f wire was 50 and the system overheads were much less.

    Most usb drives work ok but i think f wire is better.

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    Use the correct procedure to eject the drive before switching it off or unplugging it. Note it will have it's own mains adaptor which will be an issue abroad - although some designs have a plug in lead with euroland plug included.

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    If you laptop has an E-SATA port this is by far the most eficient way of editing with external drives IMHO of course

    BUT throughput in any case will be diminishing as the drive fills so get a drive with plenty of spare space

    I use a 1tb seagate drive.

    also be aware these drives will NOT be powered from the usb/esat/firewire port you will need access to power

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