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Thread: Problem with recording a video

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    Default Problem with recording a video

    Hi !

    Anyway, I got some serious problems and did try many things to do the job but I just can't make it, so I think it's time to get some help.

    I'm recording myselfe playing games. Most of them are on emulators because I play old Nintendo or Super Nintendo games using my emulators.
    For recording I use FRAPS(FRAPS show fps, record video game movies, screen capture software) - and I'm very satasfied with it, but when I record like one minute of my play i get 1.2 gb file.

    Ok, then I did downloaded Virtual dub to use it to open those big files and then compress them into smaller files so I can upload my work into youtube.
    But problem is that I just can't find good compression option. I find Microsoft 1 compression very good but if I make quality higher , again my 1-2 minute files get like 200 or such mb.
    If i lower the scale of quality i get 30-40 mb files ( not so satasfing , shoud be like 6-7-8-9 mb) but quality is awfull , you can't even try to watch it properly.

    So my question is :

    If anyone has some experience with using FRAPS and then decompressing files with Virtual Dub, please say me what options shoud i use ( compressor,frame rates,frame keys or something) - if you need more info please say.


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    Let me show my non FRAPS experience here.

    What type of file or what is the file extension of your screen capture file?

    Can you open a capture settings menu and select something that will result in a not so big file?

    Most editing programs will allow you to open most any size video file and one-step render it to something more suited to the internet. You can also find numerous file transcode utilities that will also one-step.

    Mediacoder is one free transcoder that will open most any type file and easily transcode to most any type and size video file with whatever audio you want associated with it.

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    Type of file : .avi
    Gonna try mediacoder

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