Having recently purchased a new desktop computer running Vista Home Premium, to replace my previous 7yr old Sony Vaio used for all my Video Editing, burning all to DVD ( without even 1 'coaster' in 7yrs)

After using Studio Vs 8, 9 and 9Plus and Hollywood FX 4.6,5.0 and 5.5 without any problem crashes, it was with some trepidation thatI had to consider carefully
what edit program I was going to choose to use with Vista. I downloaded all the usual 'Tryouts' but did not feel happy using any of them, after the long time use of Studio.

The decision was made! on the 'web' to Amazon, 51 for Studio 11 Ulmimate.
It arrived, and with eager anticipation, I had everything ready for the big install!!
I had done a complete Defrag, closed all programs in task manager and now we start.

3 Disks to install! Studio 11Plus, Ultimate, and the 'Extras'. Why did I worry?
Everything installed without a problem! Restarted the computer and Bingo, it was all perfect.

After a while I checked on the Pinnacle Support about trying to install my separate copy of Hollywood FX. Oh, no, according to Pinnacle it was not possible to put it into a new computer where the previous versions of Studio had not been
installed. I considered for a while, but decided to 'give it a go' I opened up the Studio file in the Windows directory, clicked to open HFX and and there upon a window opened to' enter previous serial of HFX, entered it, closed computer, restarted and 'viola' all my full transitions back in Transition Folder. It just didn't get any better.

Oh yes it does, the extra programs, Full program of AudioSoap, Full program of VitaScene, and Demo programs of Heiroclyph and Adorage, did I not use that many years ago on an Amiga 1200? Anyway, I have not have as much fun with Studio since I installed my first Version 8!

Hope you all enjoy Studio 11 as much as I am, and its certainly worth it getting Studio 11 Ultimate, especially at the price Amazon sells it.

Regards to all