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Thread: TMPGEnc: Best Settings for VHS,8mm,& Digital 8 Scenarios

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    Default TMPGEnc: Best Settings for VHS,8mm,& Digital 8 Scenarios

    Hi all! Have read so much here and want to get confirmation on my ever-changing direction, not to mention any other hints as to the best TMPGEnc settings to maximize quality(1st) and space (2nd) for my 3 scenarios. My basic process for all 3 would be this:
    1. Capture to AVI File
    2. Edit/clip with Arcsoft's Showbiz, save as AVI
    3. Use TMPGEnc
    4. Author and burn with Sonic MyDVD

    Scenario A : VHS source
    a. capture avi using wintv usb (avi not bad looking at all)
    b. quality of audio is not critical (ie. can I double movie amount with non-pcm?)
    c. Sonic MyDVD must merge the TMPGEnc video and audio, right?

    Scenario B: 8mm analog from old Sony
    a. capture avi using firewire

    Scenario C: Digital 8 from Sony Digital
    a. capture avi using firewire
    b. filmed in both 4:3 and 16:9 so they will be seperate
    c. have 16:9 tv to display 16:9 accordingly, fyi

    Thanks for everything, especially you Marc!

    PS. I have burned one DVD from VHS, using the MyDVD to encode from avi. The video is 'acceptable' for such an old home movie, but I'm hoping TMPGEnc will do a better job. I have not watched the whole DVD yet, however, to see if there are audio sync problems.

    PSS. I have printed and reviewed TMPGEnc guides.

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    Yep, sounds like you're on the right lines... time for you to make some movies

    Oh, and don't forget to enter the competition

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    Default Problem with Showbiz possibly....

    Well, I encoded with TMPGenc (in my Scenario A) and it looked the same as if I had encoded with MyDVD. I went back and checked my avi files. I am noticing that the saved avi, as a result of Showbiz editing, appears to have diminished the quality of the captured avi a bit. Comments? Also, the captured avi (320 x 240 from VHS) looks great when its small on the computer but gets worse with full screen (obviously, right?). I'm displaying finished product on a big screen tv to boot. So, what should I attack first?
    a. will see if I can make a difference with Showbiz settings somehow
    b. would better capture card really make a difference

    Actually, this is what I want to know... has anyone ever captured a VHS, burned it to DVD, played it on 48" big screen (4:3), and did NOT see noticeable drop in quality (pixel blocks(?) everywhere) ?


    PS. I"m wondering if my capture dropped too many frames too.

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    If you can, try capturing at a higher resolution. Some people would say that it won't make much difference as VHS res is low anyhow, but it WILL in my humble opinion. If you can capture to a lossless codec (or even DV), using DVD standard res, then convert to MPEG2 (DVD compliant), the untrained naked eye won't notice a difference.

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    Default VHS Capture

    I was thinking the same exact thing.......after my previous post, I went back into Showbiz and found that I had created its avi with the 320 x 240 setting. I forced it to do the DV avi, 740 x 480, and it now appears like the original avi. Even though it would help my finished product a little bit (I'm guessing), I still think my main problem is the capture. I may also have a problem in that the WinTV USB appears to only capture 320 x 240, but I'm not positive. I do remember a lot of frames dropping the first time I captured (something like 8-10% I think).

    I have since changed my display to 16-bit, from 32-bit, so hopefully that will help alittle, and I do have a seperate harddrive. But, my computer is also an old 933MHz, in case that is affecting my capture. Does capturing from a pci card hold inherent advantages to usb?

    I'll keep reading and experimenting but add'l comments welcome!

    Thanks again!

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    The very best results a through an external analgue to digital convertor. It's just a shame the world is't a smaller place, as I'd be happy to convert your VHS footage if you could pop it around

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    Default Update using WinTv USB for VHS

    Well, I eventually burned the result from the Showbiz AVI file, as noted above, and it actually looks much better than my first 2 tries. (I'm also wondering if I had an Interlace setting wrong before too). In fact, I may even call it a very acceptable output. And considering I only spent $30, after rebates, on the WinTv USB, I consider this a 'win' situation, huh?

    Now, I'm thinking about trying something else, besides plunking down $175 for the ADVC-50. The WinTv USB does only capture in 320 x 240, but is that the software doing that? I'm thinking about using the Showbiz software, with the WinTv USB, to see if I can capture at higher levels to see if it will make any difference, or atleast cut down on the dropped frames.

    Again, though, I think I have an acceptable solution, and that was watching on a 48" screen! Not bad at all.

    > capture VHS using WinTv USB at 320 x 240 to avi
    > edit and save avi (DV 740 x 480) with Showbiz
    > encode with TMPGenc
    > author and burn with Sonic MyDVD

    I still don't know for sure if the TMPGenc has done better than MyDVD yet. One more burn would conclude that. Although, I need to test on my Digital 8 as well.

    Hope this info helps someone else too. Will update again later.

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    well, if youve got some cash to drop (or a night or find the illegal copy of it online... it will take a while) you can get Canopus Pro Coder. Which is the best freaking MPEG encoder. i bow down to it, for sure. The MPEG looks even a tad bit better than the AVI in my opinion.... or maybe im just seeing things
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