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  1. Default Demo 2008

    Just wanted to share some new clips we've posted for our blog. Enjoy!

    all comments will be welcome !!

    take care....


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    The thing with demos is that you can make them look really great. put a few weddings together(the best bits etc)

    I guess I have seen so many like this now, that I personally choose to show a demo of one wedding so that clients get a better Idea of how I film and edit.
    Obviously this is just my personal opinion.

    On the other hand, yes its good....but like I said I have seen so many that this falls somewhere inbetween. It does not reach the dizzy heights, or get my heart pounding, but its good nontheless.

    Hope this makes sense.


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    this is my newest video .

    all coments are welcome

    Projeto Liverpool 2008

    take care


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    Hi Joel - Very, very nice camera work. Smooth motion that rivals most and a keen eye for the 'killer' shot. Particularly liked the pull focus on the rings near the end.
    I ain't heard the music yet, but without sound it's very, very good.
    I'm sure you're in great demand.

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