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Thread: Help with MPEG encoding

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    Default Help with MPEG encoding

    Hope someone can help, this is driving me nuts!

    I have recently succefully exported a project from Adobe premiere to mpeg for SVCD into DVD Moviefactory and burnt to cd - no problem.

    However, just purchased a dvd burner and trying to do the same to make a 'real' dvd. Adobe spent hours encoding for dvd only to end up with a m2v file and avi, which moviefactory wouldn't import.

    Finally worked out how to change the multiplexor setting to create the dvd file as mpeg with both audio and video, but even now, moviefactory would import as it says it cant recognise/problem with the audio of the file?

    Thanks in advance

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    Default More Info

    To be more precise, when I add the file to DVD Movie factory it says "audio format of c:\.....mpg is not suppported"


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    Can you post your exact output settings from Premiere? This will help ascertain why it thinks your MPEG2 isn't dvd compliant. Possible reasons would be: bitrate is too high; frame size isn't standard; audio is encoded with something other than MPEG1 layer II or PCM (uncompressed).

    The M2V file you created is actually the video. There should be a WAV file to go with it, but I've a feeling MovieFactory only accepts system (combined video and audio) MPEG2 streams.
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    see attatchment snapped from the program


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    You've actually somehow managed get PCM (uncompressed) audio in you MPEG2 file - which may be why MovieFactory is throwing a sissy fit. Simply change the audio setting to MPEG and bob's your mother's brother.
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    Thanks Marc,

    you solved the problem!

    1 more thing though - is there a way of working out the file size of the exported mpeg in Premiere before you encode? (so that you know it will fit on a single DVD?

    Great forum btw

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