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Thread: A/C Adaptor orientation for ccd trv78e Handycam

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    Default A/C Adaptor orientation for ccd trv78e Handycam

    Hi I hope someone can help.
    My daughter and son in law have just emigrated and left me with their ccd trv78e Handycam.
    I have been left the A/C mains transformer, but not the mains cable to go into it.
    I have another mains cable which will fit, but it is a figure eight shape and will go in either way round.
    The socket in the transformer has a flat edge on one end so the original cable can only be put in one way.
    With a lot of electrical items that have this sort of cable, the socket is a figure of eight as well and the plug can go in either way round and the electronics must sort this out
    But i imagine with this cam it should only go in one way.
    I can get a mains tester and see which of the two pins is live, but i don't know if the side of the socket in the cam with the flat edge is live or the other round edge
    Can anyone help as i dont want to ruin it by reversing the connection or really spend about £30 for a complete new one
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Dont worry - live and neutral are actually interchangeable - mains is alteranting current so the pins are altenrnately plus and minus 50 times a second (mains frequency).

    It's only really the brown rice hifi brigade that worry about absoloute phase of thier mains - and they are all mad anyway.

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    That's great
    I just thought it odd that they made the connection so that it would only go in one way
    Thanks very much

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