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Thread: video tribute presentation to display on projector (flash format)

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    Default video tribute presentation to display on projector (flash format)

    A client asked me to make a 5 minutes tribute presentation (flash format) using photos & video testimonies of some people. to be shown in an event via projector. is this possible with a flash format?

    Its my first time to be assigned on a video presentation project and i would like to ask your help/advice on what specifications should i start with?

    - video size/resolution
    - frame rate
    - export settings (advisable formats)

    dont know what to use, premiere or after effects, then import to flash. i dont know where to start. my pc doesnt have enough RAM to create heavy-sized videos. if they want it on flash format i think my RAM can handle it.

    i would really appreciate your help and advice.

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    I don't think you want to use a Flash format for projection, full screen 720 x 480 in AVI or WMV format would be best for projection. Flash formats are great for the web but not blown up by a projector.

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    Thanks Chuck, I'll see if i can convince them that its not possible to use flash format for projection. Yes i agree flash formats are best for web.

    I should upgrade my computer specs before working on heavy-filed video editing. can you help me what specifications advisable for video editing?

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    Thank you so much chuck!

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