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    hi everyone!I would just like to introduce myself.
    My name is Lisa and I am new in here.
    I am a film student at the International Academy of Film and Television.

    Ever since I can remember, my passion was filmmaking. At the end
    of secondary school, I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend
    the film Connection film school for me.

    How about you,what specific field are you more interested in?
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    I've been interetsed for quite a while in most the aspects of film making. Camera, directing, and editing. As of recently I've been starting to figure out CGI and digital graphics and modeling such as scenes, effects, and animated openning credits.

    Acting was never something much of interest of me. It's all the other aspects that I enjoy.
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    I started off acting and thats what got me interested. Then I wanted something to boost my career, so I am starting up a production company with other actor friends. Thing is, I seem to enjoy the "behind camera" stuff more than onfront.
    I have written my first 10min short, which I will be directing.

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    Need. A picture paints a thousand words and I can't paint. I can hardly spell for that matter so the best way for me to put things across is on video. Not that I'm much good...but I'm learning.

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    I started my acting in theatre and then found that I suck at it in some roles. Then I got into writing and telling stories is my first love, then eventually I realised that I wanted to visualise the stories. At first, I was excited and content to give it to other directors to visualise it but somehow they always tore my story apart and made it into something else completely different from what I imagined it to be (this happened to my first 2 commissioned short films)

    I was so bummed that I decided to take matters into my own hands and continue to do my own stuff later. I'm still learning directing although I've done it professionally for TV the last 4 years. There's always something new to learn.

    So yeah, directing is my love.
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    I do this for fun, I really love editing, I've started with birthday partys and baptisms and now i do a couple stuffs cause it became a passion, I directing a movie now that my brothers and sister are the actors . I have done some effects in after effects but drop that for now maybe later i'll get back to that unless you can do it in premiere like cloning someone, chroma keys and so on .
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