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Thread: Panasonic VDRD 220 editing.

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    Default Panasonic VDRD 220 editing.

    My wife has a Panasonic VDRD 220 and wishes to edit the mini DVD disc using the PC BEFORE finalising the disc. Is this possible, and if so please advise how? Thanks.

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    Covered some of this in the Authoring thread section.

    My humble opinion is once you transfer the video to your pc first save the "raw" captured file unedited for your archives. Home movies are precious things and having them as captured will make it easier for you to re-edit later or for even the next generation to edit them. Once they are "finalized" as a dvd the files are difficult to work with without transcoding them or "ripping" them back to a editing friendly file type.

    Okay and anyway once you have captured the video to your PC and completed editing, transition adding, effects adding and maybe adding text or titles or credits by all means burn it out as a dvd that you and your family can play and enjoy but as a regular sized dvd. Maybe you can get the content of three mini-discs onto one single layer regular sized dvd.


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