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    Default Play a section of DVD

    I'm doing a project with a school drama group where they need to play one section of a commercial DVD, and do some performance while it is playing.

    I don't want to infringe copyright by ripping and extracting the relevant section of the DVD. I just want a player that I can set the opening and closing time of the section I want to play and it will just play that section.

    Preferably it would then stop and I'd have the option of playing the same section again to practise. So it would be like a loop, except it would not automatically play again, you'd have to hit play to start it again.

    Is there any software (or hardware) on the market that will do this?

    If this requires any more explanation, please let me know.

    Many thanks for any assistance.

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    I know of no player software that will give you the kind of control you need over a playing dvd.

    Since this is a theatrical application I would look for a non-technical solution which would be a stage hand simply manually in control of the dvd player and projector.

    Why can't the scene be cued up and ready in pause mode and on cue stage hand plays the scene - for rehearsal same person can "rewind" or backward scan quickly to beginning of the dvd scene and the cast can rehearse as many times as necessary.

    Otherwise I fear you will have to decrypt the content so you can transcode to editing friendly file format and cut and take the scene you need.

    Doubtful that the MPAA police would know and charge you BUT if you are an employee of a School District I would imagine legal district policy would not allow you to copy that content due to liability issues.

    Depending on how much time you have you could get permission from the content owners to take that video out of the dvd context and they might even send you the clipped scene - or probably not.

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    Thanks for your input Imjay. This could be done manually, but would be so much more efficient if some software could handle the job.

    And you are correct, more than my job's worth to violate copyright!

    Some progress... I've found this player:
    DVD X Player - Region free DVD Player software for Windows PC!

    It has an AB repeat function. However, it doesn't save the times for the A and B points which makes it cumbersome - they would have to be reset at each session and each time we chage discs.

    It also won't pause between repeats.

    If you have any ideas of something that would work better they would be really appreciated.

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    I've seen quite a few DVD players that allow you to 'mark' a start and stop point and then loop between the two points. Shouldn't be too difficult to find one that does it. Chances are though it won't be one of the cheapies.

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