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Thread: editing from previously authored DVDs

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    Default editing from previously authored DVDs

    I currently use Pinnacle Studio 9.3 to edit home movies from my video camera onto DVD for backup/playing purposes. However, I now wish to re-edit some of my previously made DVDs, taking a few clips off each to make up into a new DVD to send to a relative abroad. Pinnacle does not appear to allow you to "capture" from DVDs, and I have tried contacting them to see if their newer versions allow this, but without success.

    Any ideas as to how to go about capturing clips from DVDs would be welcome please.

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    Standard Def video is a vob file which is just a modified underlying mpeg2 file.

    Your problem is why I keep all of our camcorder video files backed up as originally captured to our PC - now shooting miniDV so files are huge - like 13gig per hour - but there are ways to deal with that. In future consider saving your "raw" video on dvd data discs before editing and dvd program creation - you will be glad you did.

    Anyhow you have two choices that I know of - smarter folk that post will know of others.

    1. You need editing software that supports opening unencrypted vob files to allow you access for re-editing. ULead Video Studio version 10Plus allows this but I am not sure about newer versions since Corel bougth ULead but I imagine version 11 will also do this.

    You can download a free version trial from and play that way.

    2. You are asking how to "rip" or transcode vob to a file extension type that your editing software will support.

    There are many rippers or transcode utilities available - some free some for a fee.

    You can google to find them or google search to find forums that not only supply links to these programs but will bore you to death with people telling you a million ways to use them.

    I found a great transcoder recommended at the kim kommand website - are you familiar with this online "Digital Goddess"?

    Anhow the name of the program is mediacoder and it is safe and free and so far I haven't found a file that this neat utility won't transcode for me.

    Once you transcode your dvd's vob files to something Pinnacle will recognize you are good to go.
    NOTE that if you are trying to open commercial movie dvd files they are copy protected (sort of) so you will need a decrypt utility that will remove this pesky encryption and allow you to do what I have described. In that situation google search and start with DVDShrink and dvd decrypter searches. There are forums out in the dub-dub-dub world that will tell you all about that.
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