Hi guys,

I'm after a bit of help from everyone...not sure if I've got this in the right place, so I might post it in another area as well. I and a couple of other guys have been developing a video tagging application which allows the user to tag video, navigate within a video file to search for events and then export those clips to YouTube and a whole host of Apple based products.

Now, we are trying to put a spec together for a PC version, and I'm interested to know what you guys would find interesting. Its video editing at its simplest, so I appreciate the sophisticated editors perhaps will only find this interesting as a pre processor to their existing editing tools, but for those that want to make quick, easy and fun clip videos I'd like you all to become part of how we put this together.

If you aren't sure what video tagging is, have a watch of our video for the Mac product here at Video editing software by YourView

The idea is that we create a first version clip creator with a cycle of versions that eventually offers the best of the iMovie series coupled with our video tagging and navigation technology for the PC.

But we are completely open to any suggestions, feature ideas etc. Also, which export profiles would be best? YouTube, Vimeo, social networking sites etc? For those getting involved in early stages, obviously they'd get free copies of all versions and also getting involved in feature ideas moving forward.

We've got a very early prototype for the PC, which is basically a slightly modified version of the Mac version here video editing for you to have a look and play around with. Its still got the iMovie export profiles so PC diehards ignore that!

PM me or email me with any questions....otherwise post those thoughts guys!