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Thread: Will not let me drag/use .MPG files in Vegas 8

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    Exclamation Will not let me drag/use .MPG files in Vegas 8

    Im new to Vegas movie studio 8.0 [Platium].. it will not let put a .MPG file in to edit in my production. It will let me drag the file but the file wont go in..

    Can someone tell me why/what this is..?

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    I don't have vegas 8, but in my vegas 7, it won't let you put an mpeg into the editor (without audio in the mpeg).

    So what you could try is to download a free trial of ulead video studio 11 from their website (or a different editor if you like) & just re-render the mpeg files (as video AND audio).

    Then vegas should let you use the mpeg file as it will have audio in it.

    However, if your mpeg has audio, then maybe someone else knows how to do it.

    Hope this helps, this is just how I solved the problem with vegas 7 (I was using mpegs with no audio so after I re-rendered them in ulead video studio with audio included, they would import into vegas for editing).

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    mpg covers a multitude of sins. Could you (a) download GSpot and run that against the file - wthis will give more detail and (b) sy what your source is.

    I've never had a problem importing mpg files without sound (they've all been created from Vegas) back into Vegas

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    My mpegs that I had problems with importing into vegas were originally made with ulead video studio.

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