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Thread: Semi Transparent Border?

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    Default Semi Transparent Border?

    How can you do the Semi Transparent Border like this one <----

    in Sony Vegas!!! I tried to find out myself but didn't succeed. Thanks in advance!

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    Sydney, this had been for me one of the deeply-iest ( not a word I know!) perplexing FX to get the way I've wanted it. Both in terms of the WAY it looked and the WORKFLOW I use. Added to which, any complex FX-ing, Border FX is a mare when it comes to being greedy with the CPU, consequently the PC takes a Preview hit.

    Previously I've tried:

    A] Applying Border FX directly to an Event. But the selection of either SOLID or BLURRED didn't get me what I wanted . ..

    . . so I would have too ..

    B] Double-Trouble! Doubling up tracks and setting Border FX seemed too clumsy and potentially prone to Event misalignment - I AM a clumsy editor!

    . . so I would try using a Border FX as part of a

    C] Keep it in the family: Parent/Child combo ( the workflow is starting to look sensible . . )

    1) Track 1 Blank - don't place ANYTHING in this

    2) Track 2 (T2) Video Event

    3) Make T2 a Child to Track 1 (T1) - Click on the UP/DOWN arrow Icon in the Track Header.

    4) Apply Border FX to T1 using SOLID; Size 0.133; Dragging down the Alpha slider ( yes there IS an Alpha slider in Border) to obtain the translucency required

    . . still looking too solid? OK . .

    5) Apply Gaussian Blur FX to T1 and adjust Horizontal and Vertical range to around 0.015

    Now that should look good. It does here.

    . . ok . . here's ANOTHER way . .

    D] "Make yer Own Border!" - (. .and here's One I Did Previously - with sticky-backed plastic . . )

    1) T1 - Add Solid White Generated Media Colour

    2) T2 your Video Event

    3) Click on Pan/Crop on the Solid White and created a Mask that is literally a 4-point FRAME inside the edge of the external Frame of the SOLID white. As you create the points/anchors of the mask readjust till set correctly in the X-Y coord. To assist you, use the Preview Grid to align and even better, use the actual Anchor positional numbers for vertical and horizontal.

    . . still too solid? Well it should be! We haven't changed to alpha channel yet ..

    4) Adjusting Alpha Channel ( transparency/translucency), at this point, can be achieved by either Track Header Level of T1, OR , reducing the Alpha Channel in the GenMed of the Solid white OR reducing the GenMed Event Level/Opacity - creep to the top edge and your cursor will change to a hand; left click and Drag down the white line - this IS the Event Opacity.

    So, after ALL this it is a call as to which gives you the most appropriate workflow for you and your project weighed up against what is the best frame rate for previewing.

    In any event, going through and experimenting with the steps above, gets you further along in understanding the more finer points of Vegas and providing you with option to use this understanding to apply to "other" projects.

    Creating a translucent Border is a good way to learn some of the next level of Vegas. But that is only my opinion.


    Last edited by Grazie; 01-31-2008 at 08:59 AM. Reason: syntax; spelling; logic . . y'know .. just the usual!

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    I already tried to dublicate the track but that didn't give me what i wanted. I'll try the other way, but it sounds a little complicated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sydney View Post
    I already tried to dublicate the track but that didn't give me what i wanted.
    What didn't you get? Maybe I can assist further?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sydney View Post
    I'll try the other way, but it sounds a little complicated
    What didn't you understand? Maybe I can assist further?



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