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    I've never had an issue before opening files on Sony Vegas, I normally just hit Open, go into the folder select the file and hit Ok. However, when I try to open one of my files which is in .AVI format just like the rest of my files, I go to select that file, and Vegas freezes on me. It opens every other file, just not that one. Any idea why? Or what I can do to let it open the file for editing?

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    Vegas huh? Pretty spiffy and expensive application.

    Where did this file come from?

    It could be corrupted or have some obscure codec that Vegas doesn't support.

    Have you tried opening it in other editing applications?

    The few times I have encounted a file that wouldn't cooperate with my software I open it first in a transcoder utility called mediacoder.

    This is a free transcode utility I found recommended by the "Digital Goddes" at the kim kommando website.

    I have yet to find a file it can't open and transcode to a format/file type more friendly to my software and it usually does it all in a single step with no visible degradation of image.

    Hope this is helpful - please report back.
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    The file was recorded using Fraps, seeing as it is a gaming movie, I don't think it's corrupted because I can open it in Windows Movie Maker at least. I will try that transcoder, thanks.

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