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Thread: Variable frame rate HDV camera

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    Post Variable frame rate HDV camera

    This is my first post on this site, so hello to you all

    My boss is asking me to get him an HDV camera which has the capability to shoot at higher frame rates so when he slows the footage down, it appears smoother and better than just slowing down normal footage.

    Does anyone know of any good cameras that can do this? I think it's a bit of a specialist piece of kit, and with only wanting to spend about 800....I also think it's unlikely he'd find something.

    Any suggestions are welcome, including those which go well above the 800 limit.

    Thank you in advance.


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    It would probably help to understand why he wants to do this. You can achive improved slow motion using plugins for popular editing applications which attempt to blend frames to get a smoother motion for example. How slow is slow?

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    He is a special effects supervisor, and wants to be able to show test footage of effects at a decent rate of slow motion. I would have thought he would like to go quite slow in order to analyse effects in motion, and to see any details that may be missed at normal speed. I would think 5 times slower would be the most he would want, but without knowing what's available it's hard to know what to suggest to him.

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    live action or computer generated special effects?

    Shake is awesome at slowing down footage!

    It can reduce footage to 1/5 real time no problem at all, using it's interpolation processing it produces really smooth slow mo.

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    It's for live action effects. Shake is an awesome program, but he wouldn't have the time to learn it or the budget for it! Whatever camera he uses, it needs to be able to play back the slowed down footage immediately, as he may often have the director standing there with him waiting to see the results.

    An example would be where he films an explosion, then plays it back at slow speed either on the camera (ideally) or after having imported it to a fairly simple program on a PC. Whatever he has must be easy to use, as he's not particularly computer literate!

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    This is what you need - and I want one too !

    Casio EX-F1 shoots super slow-motion | MicroCinema Scene

    Its not hdv but it does shoot 600 or even 1200 fps !

    The sony V1 (hdv camcorder) can shoot in a burst mode i think - ythat might be hdv - but the cam is near 3000.
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