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Thread: Vegas 8 - Render Problem - Glitches & Green Frames

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    Unhappy Vegas 8 - Render Problem - Glitches & Green Frames

    I have Sony Vegas 8 and have been able to render to all file formats, AVI, WMV, MPG, etc. Unfortunately, there are random one to two frame green glitches, scattered throughout the final file. This is combined with a video "stutter" every now and then. My output is about 8 minutes long and other than about 5 or 6 of these random glitches, the video quality is exceptional.

    I am working on a powerful Windows Vista system with lots of memory and can't figure out what's wrong. I've tried a bunch of different render settings and other stuff, but always end up with the same problem.

    Please help! I need to get this demo I've completed on DVD in perfect condition immediately. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...settings, ideas...etc.

    All is working well except for these very annoying video glitches!

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    I have NOT heard of a green screen . . interesting . . - I have found DVD glitches are often something to do with the following:

    1] Bitrate: What is your BitRate encode? 4mb, 5mb, 6mb, 8mb . . ?

    2] Decode/DVD Player: What are you playing the DVD on? - Bitrate too high for a failing DVD player? - Try with lower BR, drop it down.

    3] DVD Player going Bad?! - Have you tried playing on a different machine?

    4] Resource/Edit? Does the glitch happen in the same place? - Isolate, and render JUST 4 frames either side and see if you can reproduce the issue.

    5] BAD MEDIA!!!: - Try different DVD platter.

    OK, first off try playing IN/FROM another DVD player. Even PC player or friend's.

    Does the MEPG play nicely FROM the Vegas timeline? - Do you HAVE some rogue GREEN Generated Media at these points?

    I'd really REALLY like to see a screen grab of the exact few frames area ON/FROM the Vegas Timeline? Please -

    Apart from these obvious gremlins/miscreants I'm outta ideas . .


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    I have never seen green flashes either - is this on the remdered file or off the dvd ?

    Wht is the source media - sometiems weird shit happens if yu are using divx compressed files or similar, I have ad the odd black frame when editing those.

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    By the way, I did not metion that the original footage is from Sony HDR-SR7 AVCHD Video.

    In answer to your questions:

    1) Not sure of the BitRate Encode. How do I find it?

    2 Not necassirly only on DVD. When I render a file to my desktop such as AVI, WMV, Mpeg, etc., it still has the glitches. Most of the times, the glitches are at random places in the video from file format to file format and render to render. Also, sometimes they even lessen in intensity if they are replayed. This said, sometimes, from time to time, they do duplicate themselves in the same spot.

    3) Does this even without playing on DVD.

    4) See answer to Question 2

    5) Again, not the DVD happens on assorted rendered files.

    The glitches do play on the timeline, sometimes. Sometimes they don't and just show up on the rendered file. I've put something online and you can see an example of exactly what I'm talking about. Go to : Lucky Butterfly Productions. Enter and go to TV on top. Scroll to bottom of TV and you'll see in red, "Projects in Development". Hit that and enter "Doctor" in Username and "Fertility" in Password. If you watch the video, (it's only about 7 and a half minutes) you'll see a few gitches starting towards the center and throughout. This was rendered on Vegas and output to AVI file, converted to SWF and uploaded.

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    Forgot to mention that the source media is from a Sony HDR-SR7 camera and is AVCHD video.

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