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Thread: Premier Pro 1.00

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    Default Premier Pro 1.00

    New to this forum and hope that some one can help
    I intend to replace my current computer with a new one specification as below

    Asus P5N32-SLi Premium Motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 LGA775 CPU
    nVidia Geforce 8600GTS 512mb GDDR3 PCi-e Graphics board
    2 gb memory
    1 x 160gb drive
    1 x 400gb drive

    Will this be Ok as I have experienced problems some time ago with premier not working with certain chip sets and also Pro 1.5 not working with an Athalon 2 core chip having to be reset to single core for capture
    Also intend this year to change over to HD filming

    Hope you can assist

    Many thanks
    Graham Easton

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    That system should be fine but you are going to upgrade to CS3 aren't you?

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    Many thanks for your prompt response.
    Yes I will upgrade to CS3. I will also upgrade Photoshop as well.
    At this stage I did not want to buy new computer equipment that would not run with Premier.

    Many thanks once again


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    You might want bigger hard drives, I would say 500gb minimum for the primary and 750gb minimum for the secondary. Drives are cheap now and the additional space will be well worth the cost

    You probably don't want onboard audio either, might want to look into a decent audio card.

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    Hi Chuck
    Computer is now up and running but having just downloaded a copy of CS3 there is a noticable screen flicker. when moving the mouse over the project box there appear to be another screen trying to break through.

    I also noticed a similar problem with Photoshop CS1 but no where near as bad.

    The problem is not noticable with Pro1

    Any suggestions?

    Graham Easton

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    I am having a hard time trying to picture exactly what is going on.

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    Hi Chuck
    I hope the attached screen shot will explain the problem better.
    It is the individual panes that judder on loading and settle down after a few seconds. The actual Program area does not move.
    I also noticed that after cancelling the capture screen it left a gap in the main screen which repaired its self as the mouse was moved to the project box.
    Program is usable but I always fears a crash which will almost certainly happen just before I same the project
    Is it likely to be Video card Nvidia Ge Force 8600GTS

    ps can not send image as it is not hosted anywhere

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    I am pretty sure it is a graphics card issue but not sure what exactly.
    Are you using dual monitors by chance?

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    Hi Chuck
    No I am not using twin monitors at the moment but I went onto one of the ADOBE CS3 sites and amongst the items listed was a problem similar to mine.
    The solution given was to close "i.point.exe" in taskmanager as this can cause a conflict.
    Tried it and it solved the problem

    Many thanks one again for your quick responses and no doubt I will be back on the forum shortly with other question

    Kind regards
    Graham Easton

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    Glad you found a solution, that is a new one I have not heard of before.
    Maybe this will help someone else in the future

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