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Thread: Recommend me software!

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    Cool Recommend me software!

    Hey people..

    I feel like a complete idiot and a newbie for asking this, but could someone recommend a program that is easy to do special effects with?

    By effects I mean, if I were to act and hold a gun and pretend to shoot it, upload to pc, and add a bit of a fire/shooting effect out of the gun.

    I have practical illusion 3, and Sony Vegas 7.0 .. (I LOVE TORRENTS!)

    But if thereís any other programís out there, or anything like that.. Please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks! XD

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    I think you've already got the software in Particle Illusion 3 if it is the full version, it should have what you are looking for. Buy a toy gun, do the action and then look through PI3 and see if it can supply the muzzle flash.

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