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Thread: Choosing a tv capture card

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    Default Choosing a tv capture card to record from sky

    hi any help anyone can offer me here would be really great

    I have an older XP pro SP2 PC that i use for recording tv from sky using a scart to R,W,Y composite through a USB dazzle similar to this one Dazzle Video Creator (PC): Pinnacle Systems
    while the quality is ok i think with a better capture card i could get a far better quality video.

    I have been looking at internal tv capture cards for some time now however almost all the cards i've looked at seem to have to have the satellite cable pluged straight into them (meaning you wouldn't get all the channels as no viewing card?)

    the only card i've found that still does composite is this one:
    Hauppauge WinTV PVR150 MCE TV FM Tuner With Hardware Mpeg2 Encoder Composite S-video Capture Certified For MCE Only Compatible Remote Retail Boxed - Ebuyer

    while this says media centre edition only every seems to say it works with media portal.

    is this the best card to get for this kind of budget that i can connect to my sky box and record of sky one for example?
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    I made the mistake of purchasing another one of Hauppages products at Christmas to watch Digital TV on my computer and it was a big mistake. The picture quality is really bad even though there is an external aerial plugged into it and it has an amplifier aswell. The sound quality is mono and there doesn't seem to be any way to change it to stereo, total bummer, so I've been trying to sell it and I'll take whatever someone gives me for it. In fact I'd pay someone to take it away.

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    thanks, do you know of any good ones?

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    Hi Sapster.

    Did you source a new capture card?

    I recently bought Pinnacle's "Dazzle DVD Recorder" which will record straight to DVD. However, when I use it in conjunction with Pinnacle Studio (10.5) for editing, the image quality is REALLY bad, after writing to DVD.

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