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Thread: New To Vegas, Trouble Rendering.

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    Unhappy New To Vegas, Trouble Rendering.

    I attached a picture of what i do to render...

    Ok here is the deal

    I have made a 8 minute video using Sony Vegas 7.0. and i want to make it into a movie file now so i can post it on youtube, etc etc... so here is what i did...

    File>Render As>File Name: The Project>Save As Type: Video for Windows (*.avi)> Enable Multichannel Mapping is NOT ticked>Template: Default> and none of the other boxes are ticked,

    i click save,

    it takes about 30mins to create the video,

    then when i go to view the video, it is not the way it should be, i have 1 still image for 8 minutes, but the music still plays fine, and i notices that the video effects that i put on the video are appearing on that still image (the still image is just a random scene from my video)

    I tried using a different program to view video, same problem, i tested another video that i have to check it wasnt my computer, and that video worked, so it is something going wrong in the rendering process, anyone got any ideas?
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    look here for help to render to Youtube, Welcome to the Sony Vegas Portal

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    Default Still Same Person

    This is still the same person that posted the above post.

    I tryed making another vid from scratch, and i put DIFFERANT footage in the new vid, this time, it still had the still image, but it was the same still image from the previous video!!!!!


    Whats going on Should i reinstall Vegas?

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    You say you have added FXs - I cannot see any FX applied on the Video/Stills? Is this before the approx 6min position? Your screen grab does not show anything prior to this?

    OK, I always SCRUB a region prior to Renders As, then I KNOW what I am telling Vegas to Render. You haven't done this. Why?

    Also, do another Screen Grab of the WHOLE 8mins and make the Track Headers taller - please?


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