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Thread: A newbie transition question

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    Smile A newbie transition question

    Hi I have been using Pinnacle and although it is easy to use am frustrated with having to re-boot all the time.

    I downloaded the trial version of Vegas platinum 8 but find that when I drag a transition onto the timeline it seems to be hidden behind the photo. I have tried to drag the photos out but all I seem to do is duplicate them and I still can't see the transition.

    I want to put my holiday photos into Vegas using the same fade transition between them all, how can I do this without having to drag them one at a time. Also how can I set a time on the transitions so that they all run at the same length.

    Am I able to create chapters with Vegas? Is Vegas Platinum 8 the best version to buy as I want to do a lot of editing and am looking for something creative and reliable.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of good simple tutorials on Vegas Platinum etc.

    Thank you

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    Got to options - toggle 'automatic cross fades' - sounds like it might be off.

    To apply a transition in many places pull a box around the clips useing the 'selection edit tool' (an arrow) or left click on the clips with the normal edit tool whilst holding control to select and then drag the clip you want and it will be applied to all transitions.

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    When you say you can't see the transition, what exactly are you expecting to see? The timeline only shows snapshots of the underlying media (photos or video) and an indication that a transition is present - not a representation of the transition. If you want to see the transition you must play that section of the timeline and view it in the preview area. Or have I misunderstood?

    Simple tutorials - have you looked at all the "Show Me How" (may be called something else now) tutorials under help? Very Good.

    The help file itself is pretty good (not what we've come to expect from help files)

    And as Grazie's always saying, download and print out the manual. It's very good.

    Once you've got a feel for the product check out Ed Troxel's newsletter - full of tips & tricks :: Index
    Loads of stuff here as well Sony Vegas Tutorials - Search for Sony Vegas Tutorials on Pixel2Life

    In fact there's loads of stuff everywhere. Sorting the wheat from the chaf is the problem.


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    drag the side of the clip untill it overlaps the other clip. NOTE WHEN YOU MOVE YOUR ARROW TO THE END OF THE CLIP YOUR GOING TO DRAG, IT SHOULD LOOK LIKE THIS... [->

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