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    I purchased a Pinnacle Dazzle Digital Video Creator 150 Hi-Speed a year or two ago but never used it. I purchased it so I could convert my analog vhs tapes to dvd. I hooked it up today and do not see a way to capture from a vcr. I contacted Pinnacle and was told there is no longer any support for this product.

    Does anyone know if there is a software patch or a work-around solution?

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    I know this might sound obvious, but did you not get one or two cd's with it? There is usually a driver and some type of capture program on cd that comes along with devices such as that. It is usually a very basic program that they include but may just be enough for you to capture your analogue video. If you didn't get any discs, is there a download section on Pinnacles website that may include a capture program (a more up to date version perhaps).

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    It did come with two discs, both are installed but it does not seem to support a vcr hookup.

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