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    I have two video sequences, that take place one week apart, which I have been asked to combine into one sequence.

    If I just slap them together, the viewer can't tell that time has passed between the two (and the video doesn't make sense).

    I tried a few lame ideas like throwing in a calendar (with a page tearing off) as a transition, but it all looks cheesy.

    Any ideas on how to let the viewer know that time has passed between sequences, without looking cheesy?

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    Yes - hard to say with out the context flipping calenders were big pre war but that would now look cheesy and comedic.

    I dont think you should worry too much about spoon feeding the audience too much - a bit of weirdness can keep people intersted.

    I would have different weather and or differet clothes on the actor.

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    Why not super 'One week later' at the start of the second sequence?

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    Default One Week later


    OK I tried using an outdoor shot of the building as the transition (which I found in stock footage) and added "one week later" in the bottom left hand corner (as suggested above) and it seems to work.

    The two sequences represent a crime scene before and after (with one week in between).


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    you could also just put the date at the begining of the fist and second sequences. This way the audience is informed, but not spoon fed info.

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    The problem with dates is that you set an exact time frame for you action to occur, and this may throw up continuity issues with perhaps some of your dialogue or external references.

    The 'one week later' allows for the required time lapse in the drama, but does not restirct WHEN this period of seven days occured.

    Remember KISS.

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    I agree with sspeiper, don't put specific information on the screen like a date, it is enough to add titles like 'one week later' or 'later that day' or 'seven years later'. And let the narrative carry on from that point.

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