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    Has anyone figured out how to create a moving lens flare in Premiere Pro? The lens flare is one of the video effects in Pro but I can't see how to move it (i.e. to coincide with the camera panning).

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    Hi, i stumbled apon this Stage6 errormedia Basic Introduction in Adobe After Effects - Video and Download the other day looking for tutorials, its using after effects but they are pretty simular when using the effect tools. i myself am still learning so i won't beable to explain anything better than the guy did in the video. should get you started anyways enjoy.

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    I'm sure the lens flare effect is keyframable. (I think I have even done this in Elements, so if Elements lets you prem pro is bound to!)

    Just position the centre of the flare in the right place of the first frame. Switch on keyframes to create a position keyframe for it there. Move to the last frame of the shot and move the flare origin there to create a second keyframe. Now the flare centre should track from between the first to second keyframe.

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