Hey everyone. I'm pretty much a newb to PC editing but am not new to video editing. I have been checkin out the forums and like what I see very much. These sites are what I think the internet is all about. When I was in college I volunteered at a public access T.V. station and it was a blast. While I volunteered I had free use of all the equipment but was limited by the low budget so was restricted to linear editing only. Now that all the fun stuff I couldn't do there is easily available on PC I'm really excited about jumpin in and makin some good pieces. I was actually serious at one time about editing as a career but things kinda took me in another direction. So please bare with me if my questions may seem dumb.....I'm just starting to learn but I tend to pick things up quick and will be more then happy to share what I know. OK so my first question is "What firewire card can I get with realtime effects for under $700?". Also where can I find it? Been having trouble in this area. Oh one last thing. Im american (midwest). Just an FYI for those who answer.