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Thread: Green Screen Floor Setup?

  1. Default Green Screen Floor Setup?

    Hi, I'm just curious as to how one would normally set up a greenscreen. Currently we have no problem with the background, but we can't seem to figure out what would go on the floor or if something for that exists.

    Our current setup is a large chromagreen cloth for the background, but it's a tad fragile and definitely would not want to step on it.

    On the other hand, green mats are not only expensive (per sq. feet) but the coloring is hard to find. We would like to have at least about 5'x10' and keep it under around $50 (the less the better).

    Anyone care to share some tips?

    Much thanks!

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    I don't know if this will be of any help to you or not but on looking through some websites recently I noticed that in some movie shots using greenscreen, there was only a small greenscreen in the background and yet in the finished composite the background and floor area had both been replaced. I wondered how they did that if they only had a greenscreen behind the talent so it must have been done using Garbage Mattes in post production.

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    Rosco do a green paint, which is "greenscreen" compliant. It may be worth trying that. In our studios we have rolls of green background paper which we use on the floor and replace when it's scuffed, but they're about 10 meters long and that might work our expensive for you.

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    That might work for me - did you get it locally or is there somewhere online?

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    You may like to consider this, I had the same problem and thought hard and

    long, then I realised I had an old Green Polythene Groundsheet that I used to

    use in the caravan awning until I upgraded to the 'Breathable' type. It was

    ideal and you can get them 'dirt cheap' far more durable than paper or cloth

    which I would think will get very dirty quickly, at least the green polypropalene

    sheeting can be cleaned up with a 'soapy cloth'.

    Best regards

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    I have used blue in the past. I used a blue 1 ply PU conveyor belt material from a company called Chiorino. It's expensive though.

    The most critical thing to get right in chroma is your lighting because you have to maintain the blue/greeness all over your screen. If there is a shadow or a reflection, it will cause difficulties because the shadow/reflection is a slightly different colour. See here for a demo of my work....

    YouTube - Daddy takes a Flyer

    The trick is to drop the material down and let it curve naturally in what's known as an 'infinity curve'. The other option (and much cheaper) is to go to B&Q and get them to mix up some vivid blue matt emulsion for you to paint onto a wall. you can then get some thick card and make the curve yourself.

    Lighting should never be direct but diffused off a white wall and ceiling and stand your subject as far away from the wall as you can to avoid throwing harsh shadows. I cannot reinforce the importance of even lighting. It will make the production work so much easier.
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    or u can do it like my studio. we just paint the walls and floor green haha. no joke. it is cheaper than buying the chromakey cloth and the floor mat. only problem is that the paint will run out of colour over time. just a repaint will do haha no issue

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    you can get special chromakey paint and i never really wondered whats so special about it except its color but i though that any paint the right color would do but obviously not! :L

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    the reason why it is green or blue is due to the fact of out color of skin, the oposite color of green is pink. but you could acutually use nay color but green is likely to key out better than lets say orange due to the vast difference in color. perhaps your green covers are closer to the color of our skin than the rosco greenscreen you have

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