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    Hi there - I am just completing a short film about the history of the Spanish City fun fair in Whitley Bay. We've carried out a range of interviews with local residents. The audio sounds nice and clear when played back on my laptop but very boomy on the tv - giving off a kind of rumble in the speakers. Any sugestions of how to master the audio to stop it being so boomy and aviod this problem in the future? I'm using Premier Pro 1.5 and Audition 1.5.



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    I woukl hesitate to comment with put hearing sample - can you post a bit somehow?

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    You can try compressing the audio clips

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    It's not really Audio Mastering that you are looking for.

    You need to EQ and then compress your speech.

    Vocals don't have anything of interest below 110Hz. So cut all of that with an EQ. You could also use a make a boost with a high shelf at 5Khz. Then use a compressor with a ratio of 4:1, qith an attack and release of 25ms. Then move the threshold so you are getting about 6db of reduction. This should giive you a decent sound.

    Audio mastering will take your audio as a whole and manipulate the stereo or 5.1 whatever file. You really want to get it right before then however, as if you have used various different mics etc or parts of audio running at the same time you can alter these seperately whilst a mastering engineer cannot.


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