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Thread: Why does vob file size increase in Sony DVD-A?

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    Default Why does vob file size increase in Sony DVD-A?

    Hi, can anyone help? I have a movie on a dual layer dvd which is 7.4Gb in size (thats what "properties" tab tells me).

    But when I bring the .vob files into Sony DVD-Architect timeline (which plays fine), it tells me that the size of the files is now 10Gb !!!

    Why would this happen?

    many thanks

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    If you're just putting a disc into your drive and doing a copy and paste to your HDD I can't imagine why or how it could increase in size by about 1/3.

    Is this a commercially made movie and you are performing some sort of decrypt and then rip from vob before you open it in your timeline? If so which decrypt utility are you using?

    If this is not a commercial movie rip and a dual layer burned home movie dvd was it dual layer created to allow like 3 1/2 hours of video content?

    I'm just curious why movie makers dual layer burn a 1 1/2 hr movie that should fit with same quality on a single layer disc.

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    When you drop files into DVD -A it guestimates what the file size will be after recompression - it is only intended as a guide.

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