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    Hi. I've been searching for some video editing software when I came across this (Sony Vegas Movie Studio 8 Platinum Edition) on I have a couple of questions about it.

    1.Will it fit my laptop, specs below:
    Windows XP Media Centre Edition (with Service Pack 2)
    1GB RAM
    Intel Dual Core 1.7 GHz processor
    Intel Media Accelerator 950
    Direct X 9 sound card
    Direct X 9 graphics card
    70GB Hard Disk (54Gb free)
    DVD/CD-Rom Drive

    2.One person on Amazon gave this review for it:
    "If you purchase this software you should be aware that it does NOT edit video like other software does such as Video Edit Magic. You cannot separate the 'video' from the 'sound' and edit them separately as in Video Edit Magic. So if you have a section of video or sound that you want to edit out but leave the video or sound `as it is' Video Edit Magic allows you to do this, Sony does not with Sony you have to edit out the video and the sound 'enblock' yes you can place a text over the video as a `get me round' this problem but when it comes to sound you cannot edit it unless you purchase Sony Sound Forge which they conveniently forget to mention in their bumph advertising of this software. I have tried to put together 3 short videos of about 20 minutes and the program locks up even with a 6 gig temp file! Re-boot and it still locks up. Video Edit Magic with the same videos just carries on and does the job. The rest of Sony is OK but you would think that basic functions such as on other software would be standard after all the rhetoric that Sony use, I'm being generous to Sony with a 3 star rating its more like a posh video joiner with `some' bells and whistles than a video editing suite!"

    Is there any truth to this?
    I'm not sure whether it's me but when I'm looking to buy something it's usually one review like this that'll give me doubts about the product. For some reason I always pick up on the bad rather than the good.

    Thanks for your help guys


    (this forum site is proving to be extremely helpful )

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    Hi Pete.

    I think THIS page puts firmly paid to that review.

    As for laptop specs, I think you'll be fine. I would invest in an external HD for data though....they're cheap as chips now and it'll allow more room to play with.

    EDIT - If you check the comment back about the review, that confirms things.
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    You can separate the audio from the video and control it independently, you also have some limited audio tools

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    Thanks for the clairfication guys. I think that's what I'm going to get. Good idea about getting an external Hard Drive. What size memory would you recommend?

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    What a review, regarding the audio/video splitting?!??!

    Interesting response/comment from that chap though?


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    Video use about 13Gb an hour depends, so depends on how much stuff you want to capture.

    There are some good deals on 500Gb ones out there at present.

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    Yeah. I've found a couple in Argos and PC World for very good prices. Does anyone have any idea what Philips external hard drives are like?

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