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    Hi folks,

    not a videographer in the slightest. I'm trying to video my wedding band. The final thing is to go online. I already have a vid online which was done by a company. However, for legal reasons, I have been asked to take it off. Aurora - Not Just Another Wedding Band

    It's still going to be there for probably a week or so, so feel free to have a look to see the kind of thing I'm after.

    I have access to 2 middle of the road video cameras, they both take 6cm DVDs. I'm going to be videoing in a recording studio. My intention is to have the 2 cameras setup, recording at the same time and also, we're going to record the audio on a CD from our mixing desk. The end result will hopefuly result in a decent vid which kinda cuts between each camera while using the really nice audio from our mixing desk rather than the probably substandard audio from the camera(s).

    I have magix software and also downloaded the cheap avs software (don't know if it's any good). Can anyone offer any advice in terms of the best way to setup the cameras? I'm thinking on on a tripod, left well alone and the other with someone operating on a monopod.

    I think my biggest challenge will be syncing both video sources and the audio. Any and all help much appreciated!!!!! You're talking to a total novice here!!!

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    Although video editing's become accessible to the point that you both hardware and software are cheap enough to purchase for just one requirement, you may want to consider the professional option. There's quite a few professionals specialising in just what you require, and if it's for your business venture, it may well prove to be a wise investment.

    That's not to say that you can't achieve this yourself, but the logistics are such that it would be easier for you guys to hire a couple of guys to take the stress out if it for you. There is, of course, the simple logistical nightmare of filming ALL of ou together. Now whilst this can be achieved using a locked off camera, it does mean you lose a bit of control over what shots you can take. It also means a lot of shots become staged where one of you guys takes control of the camera. Again, whilst this is no bad thing (who hasn't faked a promo!?), it does add to the loss of control that you'd gain from hiring someone to film, edit and present the video.

    Ignoring the above, and if you really do want to film this yourself, the audio video synch won't be an issue. That's really a matter of experience - a combination of synchining up the audio tacks using timecodes (and then deleting all bit the master from the mixer), and artistic licence (you don't aways have to use video in sequence). For this you'll need an editing application with more than one audio timeline.

    In terms of setting up the cameras, you'll need at least one semi-operated camera and then someone roaming around for the close ups. This will give you ample opportunity for close ups and cut-aways. I wouldn't howvere recommend that you use the static camera for the majority of shots however.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks very much for that. Do you have any experience with the magix software? Will it be possible to get my end result using this software, or am I better with another type of software?

    We're going to try the 'home made' option to see if it works. We're kindof doing things on a shoestring at the moment.

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    to be honest , I think your biggest problem will be lighting the video....we've done a number of promo dvds and the biggest problem we have found...especially when the band want to do a "live" when they've told us not to worry as they have a "big" lighting rig, and its really bright and colourful...thats when we start to get the idea when you look at your current the time it probably seemed bright enough at the gig....also in our experience in ercording studios...they're not the best lit venues we can think of....dim lighting probably means more chill factor for the musos....but just wait 'til you try filming with semi pro cameras....more grain than a piece of wood....

    good luck with your project


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    Do you just want to make a video showing you and your band playing in a studio or do you want to make a proper music video? If you are only going to watch it yourselves, then shooting the entire video in the studio might be fine but if you are planning on showing it to an audience it might be worth looking at doing an actual music video? Or does that sound too over ambitious at this stage?

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