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Thread: My JVC and Vista

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    Angry My JVC and Vista

    Hi I have got a JVC GR-DX25EK and I have decided to put some clips on my computer via usb. however my (Vista) PC cant find the driver and I dont think I ever got a disk with is, I have tried to google the driver but with little luck.

    please is there any help you can give?????

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    If I remember correctly, that's a Mini DV model and so you should be using a Firewire cable to connect it to the computer and not USB.

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    your right, but it has a USB too, whats the advantage with firewire???

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    In a nutshell....

    USB is more suited to transfer packets of data, E.G. photos and files.

    Firewire is designed to stream information E.G. real time video/audio

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