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    Hey can someone tell me of a good website with good tutorials for Motion Menu, or can someone give me a hint on how to start to get on the right track?

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    DVD Motion Menus? What program? Different authoring programs use different types of menus. Some use PSD type menus, like Encore DVD. There are some great articles on editing DVD menu templates for Premiere Elements over at

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    Am using Encore 2.0

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    Quite simply a menu can be any piece of video wiht any buttons you care to draw on it. if you can draw it in Photoshop you can use it (as long as you follow guidelines). In Encore, any video clip can be used as a transition between menu items also so to create those just import your menu (PSD) into AE and animate the layer any way you want.

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    You can add motion to the menu by simply adding a WMV file to the Encore assets. The help is very good and explains it very well

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