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Thread: The camera (MVX200i) is no longer "picked up" by the computer upon being plugged in

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    Default The camera (MVX200i) is no longer "picked up" by the computer upon being plugged in

    I have a Cannon MVX200i. We used to plug it in using firewire and it used to be recognised as soon as plugged in and would invite me to record video off the tape onto the computer every time.

    Now i try it and it doesn't show any indication that it knows the camera has been plugged in at all.

    My brother has been using my camera lately so maybe settings have been changed that i don't know about which he's not telling me.

    We bought a new cable today to make sure it wasn't the cable that was the problem and this new cable doesn't work neither which means that it is a problem with the camera and not the cable.

    Please help because i need to get this camera working asap.


    From Andrew.

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    Is the USB output switched on?

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    I tried this on several computers so yes.

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    There's more threads in this forum about firewire problems than you can shake a stick at.

    It may be possble that a setting has been changed, but most likely is that the camera has been plugged / unplugged while switched on and that often ends up with the firewire board getting fried and the link not working.

    Some say that Sony cameras are more likely than others to have this occur, but firewire is a standard across the industry so that doesn't really make sense.

    Try the camera on another PC and if i doesn't work there either, then it's more than likely buggered.

    Tip - do a quick search in the 'Hardware Problems' section and you'll see just how many folk have similar issues

    Quote Originally Posted by 4wdcowboy View Post
    Is the USB output switched on?
    The USB settings have no bearing whatsoever in realtion to Firewire. They're two entirely different things.

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