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    I love home movies. Something about seeing your family immortalized on film gives you a warm fuzzy feeling, right? Well, I was watching one of my movies, and I saw the hilarious moment where, in the background, one of my cousins bounced off of the trampoline onto the doghouse. I got it all on film, but unfortunately, the funniest scene where he is lying in the ruined pile of doghouse with the biggest "oops" look on his face was a blurry mess.

    Thats where Topaz Moment came in.

    Using the program, I was able to play the file, pause it on that one frame, and not only capture it, but clean it, up the resolution, and prepare that single frame for editing, so that I could enlarge it, and put it in an email that I sent to all my family members.

    Some of the tweaking that I was required to do was a mite detailed, but after a little reading, I had my prize, and was able to embarrass my cousin all over again .

    Anyway, this program is definatly something to look into in my opinion.

    The link is 'removed'
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    You liked it so much, you googled a video editing forum, posted 3 paragraphs about your experience, and on a site you've never visited before?

    If you honestly have no affiliation to the product, I sincerely apologise. But I've a feeling you do, and have deleted your link. I am MORE than happy to post a press release, but as the administrator, I dislike people being dishonest. Again, apologies if I'm incorrect...

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    Default Not to be rude...

    I'm sorry to give you the impression that I was being dishonest. I merely wanted to share a good product in a place where it would be appreciated. That is why that was my first post.

    As for the amount of text-It is unfortunate that one must be suspicious of someone just because they like to elaborate in their posts. I happen to be a fledgling writer, so sue me if I 'talk' too much.

    Unfortunately, I am starting to get angry, but you were just doing what you thought was right, so it's okay.

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