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Thread: Rate my DJ promo

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    Default Rate my DJ promo

    very little footage to work with on this so be kind

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    Well I just wanna cry! It makes any of my feeble attempts look pathetic in comparison.
    Is there a section on this board for absolute beginners with really crappy first attempt video's?

    Seriously...I thought it looked great! Who knows though, some of the seasoned professionals here might find fault but.....well, I might just take up knitting instead :(

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    Nice attempt - but for me it's way, way too long. It looks well, good colour etc, a bit shakey on the hand held bits though (you need a stabiliser to help those shots come off) but it needs far tighter editing in my mind. I found myself jumping forward to see if there was anything more interesting to see.

    Sorry to be blunt, but I just think it needs to be tighter.

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    Very good, but as pointed out it needs editing down. Too many of the "DJ in the box" shots look awkward and nervously staged with nothing much happening. It's a thin line between "looking cool" and "looking like a poseur" and too many of the shots err the wrong side of the line because they're held too long.

    Funny to see the "Heaven" logo after all these years. I DJ'ed there in the 90's (did Saturday nights on the main floor for a couple of years) but they didn't use to travel to exotic places like Gran Canaria in those days.

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    Heaven I was probably on the dance floor a few nights back in the early 90s. I sort of remember being there...

    The promo.

    I see where you are coming from i think - cool b/w pose - bright club shots - repeat. Works for me but the posed shots need to be better to pull it off better (use a tripod). The club shots got dull and I couldnt see what the message was - could you have included shots of more clubs.

    Maybe too long. As some others have said, loose the weak shots, cut shorter and snappier and it may be better. I would have put in some ' hi I am gianni - fly me ' type of shots. And decks - I like to do very close up shots of the gear. Some more happy happy audience shots too maybe (less models dong, more happy throng).

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