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Thread: If I had hair, it would all be gone by now

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    Red face If I had hair, it would all be gone by now

    Right guys, I'm hoping someone can give me an idea what the hell is going on here. Here's the story, briefly:

    I have 3 pc's, one Vista HP, 2 x XP Pro. I also have 3 camcorders, an older Samsung a brand new Samsung and a JVC. Here's the problem: I can't get any of the cameras to be recognised by any of my PC's via firewire. I have bought new firewire cards, new cables, but nothing changes.

    I'd be grateful for any help atall. Many thanks.

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    I'll take it that all of your camcorders have firewire sockets? And that you installed the firewire cards into free PCI slots in all of your computers? Look in the Device Manager of all 3 computers to see if a IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller is listed.

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    Yes thanks Nikosony all PC's have either or both MB IEEE 1394 connections or PCI cards and all PC's list the Host controllers as working. I have also checked BIOS to see if Firewire was disabled, it wasn't. All camcorders have 4-pin firewire access. Basically none of the PC's list the camcorders in the device manager when connected. I've tried 3 different firewire cables and 2 different PCI firewire cards.
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