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Thread: Which editing software??

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    Default Which editing software??

    I have a jvc GZ-MG132 harddrive camcorder and also a sony DCR-TRV-18Emini dv camcorder.
    At the moment Im using the software which came with the jvc, powerdirector and power producer. Until I upgrade Im limited to what I can do on these. I had trouble trimming a clip aswell so had to forget the idea, also I made a dvd yesterday and was all ok until the last ten minutes when it started skipping and the picture starting breaking up, Im not sure whether this is the burning software or not though.

    I just need quite simple editing, like adding a title, adding transitions and trimming clips etc.

    I need one that will capture from both my harddrive camera and mini dv aswell(at the moment I can't capture from my minidv with this software, this may be as Im using a usb not a firewire which is another thing Im intending on buying)

    Any recommendations?? I need to be sure it will capture and edit from both my cameras and burn to dvd
    Im in the uk, haven't found much on PC worlds website

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    IMO - miniDV transfer and capture to PC HDD requires firewire port either built into the PC or via a video card dongle or external I/O buss that includes a firewire connection.

    Software? Bunches out there that will do what you want so this question usually gets down to personal preference answers as they all mostly do the same things.

    I like ULead Video Studio - latest version is available for trial via online download. Video Studio should recognize your camcorder if powered up and connected to the pc and it should control video capture to whatever type file format you select using capture settings menu. Default capture file type for miniDV should be avi and with your HDD camcorder it depends on quality.

    I see a lot of HDD camcorders with highest quality called something like "fine dvd" which usually means 720X480 mpeg2. If that is the case I suggest you stick with the miniDV.

    If you don't have a firewire port you can buy a simple pc card (circuit pack) for around $50 US and they usually have two or three usb2 ports and a couple of firewire ports. This card easy to install - just pop open the desktop pc case, locate a vacant motherboard expansion slot, plug the card in and it should be plug-and-play so you should be good to go firewire wise.

    Once your miniDV video safely on your PC's HDD (one hour of video equals about 13Gig of drive space) you can open the file in ULead (or other program) and edit, add transitions and simple effects and graphics and the render out to a file type for whatever type video disc you desire - standard def dvd or VCD or SVCD.

    It's all relatively simple once you get into it a bit.

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