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    I am using Sony Vegas 7.
    I am recording video guitar lessons, and up to now i have been recording audio through a 'tie-clip' microphone that plugs into my camcorder, and it works great at picking up my voice and also my acoustic guitar.

    Now i want to start to record my electric guitar but the sound through my 'tie-clip' microphone is not clear enough.
    I was thinking about still using the 'tie-clip' microphone plugged directly into the camcorder to pick up my voice and maybe use a mini disc recorder to record the audio from my guitar or maybe record the audio from my guitar directly into my laptop using sony soundforge.

    I was wondering if there is a 'standard' for recording seperate audio in this way, and how easy it is to sync it together in Vegas.

    Any advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,

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    That sounds a pretty "standard" way of doing it to me
    Syncing is a doddle. At the beginning of each take simply name the take - eg "C Am F G7 progression 3 take 2" (it's surprising how important this is) then "3 - 2 -1" and snap your fingers or make some other quick loud percussive sound.

    When you have the Video/Audio and guitar audio on the timeline, you should see a sharp brief peak on both audio tracks where the "click" is. Turn OFF quantise and move the GUITAR track to allign the two.

    Job done.

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    Hi Tim,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I thought i could do it like the way that i said.
    I just wanted to check with somebody else before i spent time in setting it up and finding out that it wouldn't work.
    Many thanks,

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