Help!!As a complete NEWBIE, I seem to have really screwed up again!
I am working with .VOB files at least for the time being. Having imported them from DVDs created by my Canon DC95, they seem to be given quite unhelpful (default?) names like VTS_01_02.VOB etc, but they do import into Pe4 OK.
I was struggling to find a way to organise these files, and therefore, in Windows, I renamed the folders they were in and the filenames. Eg. I renamed the folder "19 11 2007" to "Christmas show" and renamed the VOB files within to names like "Show1.VOB", Show2.VOB". I already realised that the projects I had created using these files would complain and that I would have to manually 'reconnect' them.
Imagine my surprise, then, when PE4 now refuses to import the files at all. I get the message "unsupported format or damaged file/one of the necessary components may not have been installed"

The files aren't actually damaged - because I can load them using programs I downloaded from the internet - "Media player classic" and "MPEG StreamClip" and they play perfectly.
Can anybody advise what I have done wrong? Does PE4 expect a certain file naming format for these files? Or particular accompanying files which I may have deleted in my tidying up frenzy?

Help - I have lost all my video files!!

If all else fails maybe I'll have to use MPEG STreamClip to convert the files to AVI.