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Thread: JVC Everio GZ-HD7 is it worth buying

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    Question JVC Everio GZ-HD7 is it worth buying

    Hi I'm taking my first steps into making my own videos and the JVC GZ-HD7 appears as if it's a real bargain being HD and having a lot of manual controls. The only thing that's concerning me is I hear there are problems editing films because the camcorder records using it's own file type rather than a standardised system that other HD recorders use.
    Also although I want to get a HD camcorder of a reasonable quality thinking of the future, at present I am only using standard definition equipment and would only be recording standard not HD or blueray DVD's.
    My sister is getting married in the summer and money is tight for her so I really would like to have a go at making a video of the day but would like to be sure I can edit the film so that she doesn't have to have the crap bits.
    Can anyone offer any advice or suggestions?

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    hi, if you can wait for a few weeks Sony will be releasing the HC-9 which is an updated version of the HDR-HC-7 which is a very good camera. The HC-9 will have updated manual controls although both shoot onto MiniDV not HDD like the JVC you are talking about. If you can i would go for one of the current sony HDD HD camcorders which would likely sell for around the same price as the JVC if you shop around

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    Hey Doug
    I just purchased a HD7 and also only have standard def equipment !
    My solution to the problem of hidef and TOD files is to take SVHS or DV out of the HD7,feed it into my ADS InstantDVD+MP3 converter which converts either one to mpeg and then i can edit on my laptop using VideoStudio9.
    Works for me and when the time comes i can upgrade my computer and software to hidef and im set to go !The OIS is not working on my HD7 but 90 percent of all my work is on tripod so i can live with that. Love the harddrive and all the manual control !

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