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    Hello all,

    I'm pretty ignorant about video making although Ok on much of the internet and Windows etc. My daughter has been making videos using Movie Maker and is ready for something better. She shows real interest and I want to encourage that.

    I've spent a lot of time looking around and so on but mostly I'm disciuraged by the number of problems just about all programs seem to have. My daughter had decided on a program but when I checked it out through reviews etc I found there was basically no good reviews or happy users. That was Pinnacle. I've never used it so wouldn't know. Just going on what I've read. I couldn't buy this program given what has been recorded.

    What my daughter is looking for is probably the professional level software but I am not going to spend that much in the event she loses interest quickly. As kids do. She's 13 and likely to find other interests very soon, if not tomorrow! like boys.

    She wants to make, edit and use effects on videos.

    Can anyone help with advice please, reasonably priced? Miracle time I suppose. I've read Movie Maker described as drag and freeze and it seems most are similar or have worse problems.

    Ulead seems to have fairly good reviews but it doesn't seem to be capable of doing the 3 things she wants to do. I'm guessing that's just a matter of my budget of course.

    So, please help if you can.



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    Before you purchase any new software, download a few 30 day trials of the software listed on this forum. That way you will see what works and doesn't work. Just go onto their respective websites and locate the download page. Most if not all of the editors are fully functional for the entire 30 days so you should have a pretty good idea after 4 weeks which one you or your daughter likes. My own suggestion would be Adobe Premiere Elements 3, there is a version 4 available but a few recent posts on here suggest there are problems with it. APE3 will allow you to capture video, edit it with music, transitions, effects, titles, animations and then you can burn your 'masterpiece' onto a DVD all in the same program. It retails for around 60 so it won't bankrupt you.

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    Everyone will have a favorite. I like ULead Video Studio and while I haven't tried the latest version eleven I have over a few years had a lot of fun and great success with versions 6, 9 and 10Plus.

    I agree that there would be no need to spend hundreds of $$$ or pounds for professional level software which are more difficult to learn also.

    How old is your daughter? What type of content is she wanting to post produce?

    So as Nikosony said so very well download the trials and give them all a look.

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    Well that depends on your requirements and budget. The only two bought editing programes I've used are Ulead 11+ and Sony vegas 8 pro.

    Ulead worked well enough with simple intuitive interface and I produced some reasonable effects with it. However after about three months I started to find in very limiting, especially with colour correction. But for about 60 it's good value and allows you to edit HD.

    Now I'm onto Vegas 8 pro and I have to say it's superb. So far I've been to do everything I can think of but it has a less intuitive way of doing things. That been said there is a good help facility and the forum here, of course not forgetting youtube. But it costs at least 300 which is a lot to stump up.

    The best advice as has been said above is to download the free thirty day trails of two or three packages and go from there.

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    Thanks to all 3 who replied,

    Many forums often include people who abuse you for being ignorant when the purpose of such forums is to share knowledge and experience. I'm happy to see that isn't the case here. It's encouraging and of course makes me, as a user, want to return when I next have a question, or many!

    I think we will do the download an trial process as that's what I do with most things, probably like all of you too.

    One of my greatest worries with buying software these days is the pace of change and the urgency companies have to get a product out regardless of quality. Quality isn't a word that even applies tomany such products, in al arreas.

    With video too the hardward and formats are likely to change rapidly too so that's an added minus if I need to buy a higher price package. Unlikely.

    To Imjay. My daughter is 13 and she's into Anime. The Japanese animated cartoons. It's huge amongst younger kids these days, God knows why, but it is. Regardless it's her interest so I support that despite my own disinterest.

    From what I've gathered Ulead seems to be the best option price wise at this stage as it's one of very few that have any good reviews or comments at all. It should be OK given their history of creating software. Reliable companies are probably the best if the software is doubtful.

    Thanks again and happy editing to all. Fill up YouTue etc please so political parties can't ruin it with their free ads!



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