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Thread: anologue camcorder to DVD issues

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    Default anologue camcorder to DVD issues

    I have been using Ulead VideoStudio 7SE to Capture video from an anologue camcorder via a Belkin USB2 capture cable and burn to DVD.

    It all works pretty well with no out of sync audio, but there are some horizontal lines seen mostly at the edges of objects that I asume comes from the fact that Anologue Camera builds the picture in lines rather than by pixels as in Digital Video cameras.

    Is there any way to reduce this affect?

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    Have you tried de-interlacing?
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    Default anologue camcorder to DVD issues

    Thanks for the suggestion Marc,
    but I can't seem to find any settings in Ulead Studio 7 to do this with video, there is a setting to de-interlace the Still image captures, but not it appears for video.

    I've tried VirtualDub 1.5.9, but the de-inerlace filter reduces the frame size to 320x240 which is too low quality and in any case doesn't seem to fix the problem. I think maybe it's just something I will have to accept until I can afford a DV Camera!
    Thanks for your help.

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