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Thread: Sony Vegas 7 - Rendering - Field Order?

  1. Default Sony Vegas 7 - Rendering - Field Order?


    Im having problems rendering my latest movie filmed with this videocamera: Panasonic NV-GS180.

    I'm using PAL DV as rendering setting but I dunno what "Field Order" - to use.

    I have these three alternatives: None (Progressive Scan), upper Field Order and lower Field Order...

    When I tried the "lower Field Order) The quality on some clips was very bad, wich they weren't with the two other settings...

    But I dunno which one to use or which one that I am supposed to be using...

    Waiting for replies, really want to get done with this movie now, so I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.

    Thanks, Gunner7.

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    Shooting in PAL means you are presenting Vegas WITH lower field first (LFF) material - PERIOD!

    Make sure your settings throughout are for LFF. Why you should be getting "better" results with anything OTHER does not make sense. I can't argue/comment on your perception of "better", other than to say it is NOT that which is within the scope of the PAL strictures. "Better" might mean you are getting an "affect" as a result of field reversal 'cos of some other reason. And as for NONE, which is for progressive footage then I invite others comment.

    I am all for experimentation, it is at the heart of what we do! But "better"? When you say you are in PAL? Interesting.


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    Have you actually SET your project parameters for PAL? - G

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    I really wanna show you the lower field order and none progressive scan alternatives but the filesizes are like 40 MB so I doubt if anyone will download and watch...

    Thanks anyway

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    My settings

    Sorry for my english btw! Im from Norway

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    Thank you for posting your Template Menu - this got me thinking - always a good thing!!

    Having now done some further research, I now understand far more than I did.

    Field order is NOT solely dependant on format - here being the PAL format.

    UPPER field first or LOWER field first can be dictated by what capture card settings are being used to get the material into your pc. Having its origins in analogue video, PAL does NOT dictate field order - it is purely a format that has/uses fields, and, a field order.

    So, so long as I captured in LFF and I edit in LFF then yes, those clips would be better than, say for example clips that were LOWER FF and then captured in UPPER FF and then rendered as LOWER FF - I think I'm correct with that example?

    Now, what YOU need to do is to carefully ascertain that what EVER field order the clips appear in your Project Media as, are also being processed by the correct/appropriate field order template.

    So, as an initial test, I would

    1] Identify what clips were LFF and those that were UFF.

    2] LOWER FF clips, rendered as LOWER FF. Are these GOOD?

    3] UPPER FF clips rendered UPPER FF. Are these GOOD?

    This would be the acid test - yes? If I had a timeline with MIXED LFF and UFF media and was then attempting to then render using just the LFF, and that only, I believe I would be getting the results you speak of.

    Your English is 100% clear. - far clearer than my understanding was of LFF and UFF when dealing with the render-out issues of mixed field orders.

    Please get back here and explain/inform us of your identification of your media field order. If Vegas isn't telling you what you need to know, BTW it should, then use G-Spot to categorically identify your field orders.

    OK, moving on . . the fact that VEGAS allows us to choose between UFF and LFF, within the PAL DV render, has to be an option provided as a result of exactly what you have come up against. Meaning, a mixed UFF and LFF media timeline.

    What is intriguing to me is that although Vegas HAS this option it will then NOT re-adjust fields to make them consistent WITH the project. Now, I am guessing here, but that would be a mile far too far. However, though I feel I am on solid ground here, I will take this up with SONY and ask them too.

    Interesting . . .

    Now, if you DO determine you have mixed UFF and LFF material - how on Earth DID you get into this state?

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    I am a bit confused so this may not help....

    If the cam shotts in pal interlaced then that format will give the best results with a few ifs and buts....

    On PC monitor progressive frrames can look better than interlaced. Dont be fooled, interlace will look better on a tv.

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    This is so fucking difficult. I mean are u sure? cause some clips were really bad!?

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    You can SKYPE me on:


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    Maybe I'll do that, though my english isnt that good.

    Erm hey, do u overall advice Lower Field Order? Cause I dont know if the quality generaly drops when I use None (Progressive Scan)?

    Thanks for all the help though.

    I captured the footage onto my computer with Windows Movie Maker with Vista, does that change anything??

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