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Thread: My video's, how can I get higher quality?

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    Default My video's, how can I get higher quality?

    Hi all, I'm pretty much a newb to all this, I run a import car business and I make short videos of my stock which I then put on the web, what I'm struggling with is saving the files in a high quality like how the film looks on my camcorder, the quality just seems to deteriate and I don't know how to correct it even though I've tried saving in various formats,

    I have a JVC mini handheld DV camcorder and I edit with Adobe premier pro and sometimes WMM!, here's an example vid of mine,

    with WMM

    ideally though I want to be producing films like this by the end of the year,

    I know the filming is much better in the one I want mine to look like but the picture just seems so much clearer.

    Is it just how i'm saving the file or do I need a better camera? also some 3 min filmes have been 500mb which is way to big for what I need and still not looking like they show in my camera!

    any help will be much appreciated!


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    Didn't watch all of eitherrrr, but I see what you mean. Look into colour grading in Premiere using the colour correction curves, and also perhaps deinterlacing it before putting it on the web. Also, of course, plan your videos a little more and use shorter, interesting and more dramatic shots. Also don't do it hand held unless you're using nice, tight little movements. You'll soon find your videos look more proffesional!

    Theres no reason you cant get nice results from that camera.

    Here's a little video showing the differences after a bit of grading. Check out some of the others on youtube. The packages on Topgear are good insperation for great colour etc. in my opinion!
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    thanks for the reply, i'll look into that now

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